Transformative Wave Wins “Product of the Year” Award for eIQ Platform

May 15, 2019, 08:31 AM by Jami Marler
This is the second Transformative Wave product to win the award. In 2016, Energy Manager Today named Transformative Wave’s CATALYST technology as a recipient of the same award.

DENVER, CO, May 15, 2019:
Transformative Wave, a leading innovator in HVAC energy efficiency and building automation solutions based in Kent, Washington, has won the 2019 Energy Manager Today Product of the Year Award for its eIQ Platform. This is the second Transformative Wave product to win the award. In 2016, Energy Manager Today named Transformative Wave’s CATALYST technology as a recipient of the same award.

Transformative Wave received the award during an awards gala at the Annual Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference being held in Denver. The awards are touted as “the industry’s most elite product, project, and executive recognition programs.”

Transformative Wave’s eIQ Platform provides enterprise-level real-time monitoring for up-do-date visibility into energy usage along with comprehensive diagnostics, fault detection, and energy savings reports. The platform integrates with existing building management systems and can be remotely accessed for monitoring and control of building assets.

The Energy Manager Today Awards program, in its seventh year, recognizes excellence in products and services that provide companies with significant energy management benefits, or in projects implemented by companies that improved energy management and increase the bottom line.

Scores were determined by a panel of independent judges, who had glowing reviews of the eIQ Platform. One judge wrote, “Providing both fault detection and diagnosis for rapid response as well as M&V of energy savings, this system would seem to enable good energy management and support continuous commissioning.”

Another judge noted the value of the eIQ Platform. “Fault detection and catching issues before they occur is clearly a valuable tool for all energy managers. The embedded smart intelligence features and fault detection capabilities are impressive,” the judge asserted.

A final judge summed up the eIQ Platform: “Additional energy use intelligence and fault detection capabilities should make this a candidate for recognition. The product is very useful in managing energy and maintenance costs,” the judge declared.

Danny Miller, president of Transformative Wave, said: “The judges’ recognition of the enabling power of the eIQ Platform to assist energy managers and facility operators is very gratifying. Our product development team is to be congratulated for their innovation, vision, and implementation of what we believe is a world-class building automation, fault detection, diagnostic, and reporting solution that delivers practical value to our clients,”.

“The eIQ Platform is just one of the ways we deliver value-added solutions to our customers, oftentimes in conjunction with the hard energy savings we generate with our award-winning CATALYST advanced rooftop-unit control (ARC) technology, and we are grateful for this recognition of our efforts.”

About Transformative Wave

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