Transformative Wave Receives Industry Award for Commitment to High Efficiency Rooftop-Unit (RTU) Best Practices

Apr 30, 2019, 13:15 PM by Jami Marler
Transformative Wave has been recognized for its demonstrated commitment to high efficiency roof-top unit (RTU) best practices by the Better Building Alliance’s Advanced Rooftop-Unit Campaign. The CATALYST Advanced RTU Control (ARC) product enables H&M, a Transformative Wave customer, to also receive recognition.

AURORA, CO, April 30, 2019:
Transformative Wave, a leading innovator in HVAC energy efficiency based in Kent, Washington, has been recognized for its demonstrated commitment to high efficiency roof-top unit (RTU) best practices by the Better Building Alliance’s Advanced Rooftop-Unit Campaign.

Transformative Wave was presented the award at the annual Professional Retail Store Maintenance Conference (PRSM) held today in Aurora, Colorado.

“Transformative Wave has been one of the biggest supporters of the Advanced RTU Campaign, made significant contributions to advancing building energy science, and helped transform the market toward high-efficiency RTU best practices,” said Dr. Michael Deru, senior engineer at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and a member of the Advanced RTU Campaign Team.

Transformative Wave created CATALYST, a complete HVAC energy efficiency retrofit kit for constant volume systems already in place and one of the top advanced RTU control (ARC) technologies on the market today. With the combination of a variable frequency drive, demand control ventilation, and both advanced and predictive economization, CATALYST transforms RTU assets into smart energy efficient machines that save millions of kWh a year, generating millions of dollars in annual savings for Transformative Wave’s customers.

In addition, Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), a client of Transformative Wave, won an award at the conference for having the largest number of Advanced RTU control retrofits for a medium sized portfolio owner. H&M installed 541 RTUs and controls, including Transformative Wave’s CATALYST and eIQ Platform, resulting in over 4.3 million kWh annual energy savings.

“Transformative Wave is honored to receive the award and proud to partner with H&M as it works to reduce energy usage and costs,” said Danny Miller, president of Transformative Wave. “Our mission is to deliver simple elegant solutions that enable our customers to reduce energy costs and usage while gaining operational efficiency, and we are grateful for this recognition of our efforts.”

Transformative Wave’s commitment is evidenced by their continued efforts to educate customers about the Campaign, some of which have received recognition through previous Advanced RTU Campaign Awards, including Whole Foods, H&M, Sheetz, and the U.S. Navy Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. This latest award continues a string of industry honors for Transformative Wave’s innovation and success.

About Transformative Wave

Transformative Wave is a leading energy efficiency innovator in HVAC retrofit and building automation solutions, developing and bringing to market a growing line of game-changing technologies that are transforming the commercial building energy landscape. For more information or to request a demo of any of our revolutionary products, including Cobalt, the CATALYST, and eIQ Platform, visit

About the Advanced RTU Campaign

The Advanced RTU Campaign is a market transformation initiative that encourages commercial building owners and operators to improve the efficiency of roof top units across the country. By replacing old RTUs with more efficient units, retrofitting existing RTUs with advanced controls, and implementing intelligent controls and automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD), you can save money, improve your energy efficiency, make your building more comfortable, and help the environment. Reducing a building's cooling and ventilating energy consumption by 20–50% can save as much as $3,700 per RTU—equivalent to $6.7 billion and 670 trillion Btu annually. Learn more and join the Campaign here

About the Better Buildings Alliance

The Better Buildings Alliance technology campaigns, like the Advanced RTU Campaign, involve public and private sector organizations across the country working together to share and replicate positive gains in energy efficiency and catalyze change and investment in energy efficiency. The Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance advances the Administration’s goal of achieving 20% energy savings by 2020. Read more about Better Buildings' partner results, and the innovative solutions being shared with others in the Better Buildings Solution Center.

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