Energy Efficiency & Management Rebate & Incentive Programs Across the United States

Energy efficiency and energy management rebate and incentive programs enable businesses across the United States the opportunity to deploy top energy saving technologies at a fraction of the cost. While there are many programs available, below are some of the largest markets where the incentives can make a big impact on the bottom line.

Energy Efficiency and Management Rebate and Incentive Programs Across the United States

HVAC Advanced Rooftop Unit Control (ARC) Programs

Northern California Electric Municipalities / PG&E Natural Gas

PG&E is offering $155/ton ARC rebate for customers that only purchase natural gas and buy electricity from their local municipality. For Silicon Valley Power customers, the joint rebate is $315/ton ($155 plus $160 per ton) up to 100% of materials costs.

ComEd Small Business Customers

Small business customers with a peak capacity of < 100kW can receive $300/ton for demand controlled ventilation technology (DCV) and $250/HP for a variable frequency drive (VFD). Customers must use an approved small business contractor to be eligible.

Puget Sound Regional Utilities

Seattle City Light, Snohomish PUD, Tacoma Power, and Puget Sound Energy have a combined $275/ton ARC rebate for customers that use electricity from any of the utilities and PSE natural gas up to 100% of the full installed cost. Tacoma and SnoPUD also have rebates for building management solutions (BMS) at $200/HVAC unit for electric heat systems.

Duke Energy

Duke offers $210/ton for ARC installation on a standard size rooftop unit across KY, IN, OH, NC, SC territories with an HVAC tune-up at the same time, covering up to 50% - 70% of the installed cost. The rebate varies by HVAC size and heating type.

PacifiCorp -- Rocky Mountain Power (Utah) and Pacific Power (Eastern WA)

$2800 for a standard size unit with a demand controlled ventilation (DCV) rebate offered in both regions by the local gas utility ($400 per unit in UT by Dominion Energy and $20/ton in Eastern WA from Cascade Natural Gas).

Energy Management Training

Building Operator Certification (BOC)

The BOC program is designed and operated by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council through regional partners and educational institutions. It is designed for technical staff that operate and maintain energy-using equipment in buildings to provide information and hands-on training on how to best maintain comfort while minimizing energy use. They have multiple levels of certification and also provide continuing education services. Courses cover energy fundamentals and in-field evaluations, and technologies ranging from natural gas boilers to LED lighting.

Click here for more details on the BOC program.

Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)

FEMP offers a wide variety of free energy efficiency trainings online that can be viewed at your own pace. The courses cover HVAC, lighting, water efficiency, among many other topics. There are no specific educational requirements in order to join the program.

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