Canadian Energy Efficiency Business Incentives and Rebate Programs

Canadian businesses looking to boost their energy efficiency may have access to financial assistance through both the federal government and provincial/territorial governments. Below are the major Canadian energy efficiency business incentives and rebate programs available to commercial and industrial organizations.

Canadian Energy Efficiency Business Incentives and Rebate Programs

Energy Management Training and Support

Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)

All Provinces & Territories

The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation is a private-public partnership that aims to improve industrial energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. CIPEC offers customized workshops to guide organizations in pursuit of improving energy efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Organizations that choose to implement the ISO 50001 Standard at their facilities can become eligible for up to $40,000 towards implementation costs.

Energy Management Training & Support


Businesses in Ontario can obtain incentives covering up to 50% of the cost of training employees to identify opportunities to save energy and implement energy efficient solutions in their facilities. The program covers a range of energy management training, including education for companies working towards accreditation or seeking to establish a knowledge base at their organization.

General Energy Efficiency Incentives and Rebate Programs

These programs cover a range of energy efficiency projects, including HVAC retrofits and LED lighting.

Retrofit Program Incentives


Commercial businesses may be eligible for incentives to implement energy management procedures or retrofit existing infrastructure, including lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration.

Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

New Brunswick

All types of commercial buildings may receive up to $75,000 towards energy upgrades, including arenas, retail, apartment buildings, restaurants, offices, and grocery stores.

takeCHARGE Business Efficiency Program

Newfoundland and Labrador

The provincial government offers up to $50,000 to businesses who invest in energy saving upgrades to heating, cooling, refrigeration, lighting, and more.

Business Energy Rebates

Nova Scotia

The province offers a number of rebates designed to offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades to heating, lighting, and refrigeration, including variable frequency drives.

Industrial Systems Program – Catered Projects Component


The program offers up to $2 million towards reducing operating costs and improving energy-efficiency in factories, including retrofits and expansion projects.

Lighting Retrofits

Small Business Lighting Incentive Program


Ontario's lighting incentive program is designed to help small businesses improve customer experience, operating costs, and worker safety and efficiency through energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

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