CATALYST Technology Contributes to Advanced RTU Campaign Awards

The Advanced RTU Campaign is an organization that encourages commercial building owners and operators to either replace or retrofit their rooftop-units (RTUs) with advanced controls in an effort to save money, increase energy efficiency, improve occupant comfort, and help the environment.

Just recently, they released their 2017 Advanced RTU Campaign Awards where organizations are recognized for their leadership and excellence in commercial building RTU efficiency. We are proud to have been the Advanced RTU technology behind two of the recent winners!

H&M received the award for “Highest Number of Advanced Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic (AFDD) Retrofit Installations” on their RTUs, with 131 installations of the CATALYST. With the CATALYST’s AFDD solution, H&M is able to quickly identify when equipment is beginning to fail and proactively work with their maintenance providers to resolve the issues before they become more costly or catastrophic for business.

CLEAResult, a leader in designing and implementing technology-enabled energy efficiency programs for utilities, received awards for both “Most Innovative RTU Efficiency Program by a Supporting Partner” and “Highest Number of Advanced RTU Control Retrofits Through an Efficiency Program”. The CATALYST technology was used in their implementations and contributed to the 867 retrofits which are saving approximately 6 Million kWh!