BJ's Wholesale Discusses CATALYST at EVERSOURCE

At the New England Energy Efficiency Conference in 2016, new technologies that improve HVAC energy performance was a hot topic. One seminar specifically addressed was, why focus on HVAC innovation? It seems simple, HVAC is one of if not the largest energy spends for an building. Building managers often see that over 50% of their building energy use is on space heating, ventilation, and cooling.

New technology and innovations in the HVAC is greatly useful for building managers to reduce energy costs. At the seminar, BJ's Wholesale Manager of Utility and Energy Services, Kevin Moran, presented on Rooftop Unit Optimizers - An End User Perspective. In his discussion, Mr. Moran highlighted the CATALYST technology as they participated in 2 VFD energy studies for retrofit projects.

The discussion on the CATALYST occurs in the first 10 minutes of the video. Click the image below to watch the video.