Bartell Drugs Case Study

Bartell Drugs Sees Energy Savings and Portfolio Insight With Transformative Wave’s CATALYST and eIQ Platform

Founded in 1890, the nation’s oldest family-owned drugstore chain, Bartell Drugs operates 62 locations throughout the greater Puget Sound area of Washington state. Frequently referred to as Bartell’s, it employs over 1,700 team members while continuing its history of serving the health and wellness needs of its customers through innovative pharmacy programs. Beyond serving the community with health and wellness needs, Bartell Drugs continues to put an emphasis on environmental stewardship.


Bartell’s Facilities Director had no remote control over the HVAC comfort settings or schedules of the company’s extensive HVAC and refrigeration systems. The reliance on local thermostats made it difficult to maintain consistency and appropriate schedules. As a multi-site operator it was important for Bartell’s to also have real-time insight into its entire portfolio of equipment.


An initial six-store pilot program with the CATALYST and eIQ Platform involving 18 HVAC units yielded verifiable energy savings and reliable control. Based on these results, Bartell’s then expanded the CATALYST and eIQ Platform rollout to an additional 36 stores with a combined total of 124 HVAC units.


Across 42 facilities, with an average daily runtime of 16.8 hours, over the course of a one year period Bartell’s realized a 59% reduction in HVAC energy use with the installation of Transformative Wave’s CATALYST and eIQ Platform. The eIQ Platform provides Bartell’s with tangible control and insight over its portfolio equipment and store comfort. The eIQ Platform fault detection consistently identifies problems immediately, which is then communicated electronically. This unprecedented access to information allows Bartell’s to maintain a comfortable shopping experience for its customers for less than half of the energy it used the year prior.


Measured Annual Portfolio

  • HVAC Energy Savings: 1,191,815 kWh (59%)

Measured Annual Portfolio

  • Gas Savings: 19,211 Therms (33%)

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